Sunday, January 7, 2007

The right ingredients

As a teacher, I draw inspiration from successful coaches and players. It's easy to buy into the Patriots' formula because it works and produces the desired results. Yes, more victories will be necessary for the Pats to achieve their ultimate goal this season, but it's easy to appreciate what they've done so far.

Off-season signings and injuries found the Pats without a number of their usual contributors for another postseason run, yet here they are, three victories away from a fourth Superbowl trophy.

Teamwork, preparation, discipline, cooperation, trust, hard work. Mix those ingredients with a little knowledge and talent, and you have the recipe for a successful sports team... and an effective school classroom. Congrats Pats. On to San Diego.

1 comment:

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

The Patriots? Weren't they known as the "Patsies" until recently?

This is just the bitter grinching of one whose team finished barely at .500. Don't mind me. GRRRRRR.

Now let me say something nice. Tom Brady is one heckuva quarterback.