Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fishing search advice

In addition to using the school's library database to search for information, try doing a refined Google search.

Often the most reliable Internet sites for research projects have a URL that ends in .edu, .org, or .gov. The ending of a URL can tell you about a site's "domain." Click here to learn more about domain names.

The domain .edu means the site is produced by an educational institution like a college or university. The domain .org is used for a non-commercial, non-profit site. A .gov site is associated with the United States Government. These types of sites often have reliable information written by professionals, although there are, of course, exceptions.

To limit your Google search to either .edu, .org, or .gov click here. First enter the subject of your search at the top, then type .edu in the domain box. All sites listed should be limited to .edu.
Here are my results of an .edu search for "deep sea fishing."
Do the same for .org and .gov.

After doing a search for deep sea fishing, I tired to do a limited Google search on "fishing as a way of life," but found few entries. So I expanded to a general search, and found some results.

Remember that we also have books about fishing on the book cart. I can help you make photocopies if you find something good.

Click here to learn about the correct way to cite sources using MLA format.


fredthefish said...

That's a useful tip to include in teaching research (which we start this week). Thanks!

Mr. B-G said...

You're welcome. Glad you found it helpful!