Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy summer!

Congrats to all teachers out there who have made it through another year of trying to do right by your students. If your experience is anything like mine, I know that you've fully-immersed yourself in the world of your students and your school as you've worked to leave your kids in a better and more informed place than they were when they walked through your door last August.

There are a number of things I plan to blog about over the course of the next two months, including summer reading, new ideas and initiatives for next year, my graduate program, and other musings and meanderings that fancy my attention and interest.

Right now, however, my overgrown backyard is beckoning for a rendezvous with my lawn mower.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another spin

Last Sunday marked one more year that I've been around to partake in the earth's celestial voyage around the sun. As Lenny Kravitz once sang, "I'm old enough to see behind me / But young enough to feel my soul." After a full and bustling school year, I'm ready for the summer downshift that shortly awaits.

Aside from a hike on Vermont's Long Trail and some quality R & R at one of my favorite beaches, I plan to do a lot of reading, including summer reading books for school like A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, books for pleasure like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and a revisiting of literature for the two Accelerated English 12 courses I'll be teaching next year like Brave New World and 1984.

Three pedagogical texts I want to peruse are Ravitch's The Death of the Great American School System, Pope's Doing School and Jim Burke's latest, What's the Big Idea?

I'm also planning to jog regularly and make it a priority to carry over a fitness regimen to the new school year. And I'm going to get to the links a few times to try and improve what could graciously be considered an "emerging" golf game.

Summer will fly by as it always does. I hope to return to school renewed, refreshed, and ready for the commencement of another year.

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