Thursday, July 26, 2007

A walk

A few days ago I went for an evening walk around my neighborhood. I enjoy walking, especially on summer nights when it's cool and one can see and hear the fireflies and crickets.

The loop I like to travel is about 3.5 miles. At one point it descends down a hill, crosses train tracks, and passes by a large stretch of open field. At night this field comes alive with chirps, squeaks, and the transformative glow of fireflies.

There must have been hundreds of fireflies darting about the field, lighting in unison to the crickets' chirp. For a moment I stood transfixed, marveling at the beauty and splendor of the natural show before me.

The above image by Bruce Nichols invokes a feeling similar to the one I experienced. While my walk takes only one hour, its effects can last for days. Aside from the physical exercise, there is a clarity of mind that comes from traversing the sleepy streets of my town and soaking in its natural and man-made vistas.

It's important for us to remember to get out and explore, and to be willing to be swept away by something as simple as insects in a field, or the silhouette of a grain silo in the moonlight.

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