Sunday, July 29, 2007

Keeping up with my peers (and grandma)

I've been down in Pennsylvania for the past few days celebrating my fiancee's grandmother's 100th birthday.

It's pretty damn impressive. The woman's memory is good, and she can still see, hear, talk, and eat her own food. She can even walk with a little bit of aid. Every day she completes a workout routine which involves lifting five pound weights.

I can only hope I am so fortunate should I reach her age.

Technically, the celebrating really begins tomorrow, which means that today I've had time to catch up on a lot of my fellow edubloggers' latest postings. I must say that it is quite cool being part of this virtual community. Regardless of if it is reading about a new teacher's quest for employment, a veteran educator's search for the perfect boarding school, or the restlessness that comes in August as we prepare to return to our respective places of employment, the education professionals on my blogroll never fail to teach, entertain, and inspire.

I have a lot of new lessons and ideas that I am eager to unveil for 2007-2008, and a number of these insights and approaches have been spurred by what I've read on the blogosphere.

Here's wishing everyone a great school year, and a continued (hopefully) restful and rejuvenating summer. Also, happy birthday grandma!


DrPezz said...

Thanks for the well-wishing on my blog. I, too, anticipate being a bit slow on the blogging but will do my best to post what I see, hear, and do. I look forward to reading of your successes and great ideas!

Miss B said...

Thanks for the link - I, too, am glad to have such a wealth of knowledge, advice to draw from in the edusphere. I love hearing about what everyone is planning for the upcoming year, it's so exciting!

Though I'm definitely not ready for summer to be over yet.

Oh, and 100 years - amazing milestone. Glad you were able to share in that joy with her.

logophile said...

It is good to hear a teach excited about the coming school year. As a fellow English teacher/blogger, I'm also learning a lot from the blogosphere and excited for the new year. I've enjoyed exploring your site. Thanks for the great resource.