Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The value of photographs

Despite a penchant for the written word, I'm a guy who digs images. In high school I spent hundreds of hours in the photography class darkroom developing pictures. I carried my father's 1978 Olympus OM-2 everywhere, snapping shots of friends, nature, and random occurrences.

I like adding a visual element to my blog. I feel a blog post is best digested with an accompanying image. It's also possible for images to stand on their own.

Originally I was thinking I would create a separate blog page to post some of my stories, photos, and poems. Yesterday I deleted that page, and made the decision to post that content here, on my main blog page.

I'm trying to find the best way to balance and organize my blog. I'm also trying to appeal to a variety of audiences.

I hope you enjoy this photo. It was taken two years ago in Killington, VT, near the Appalachian Trail. Given that we're in for more snow this week, it seemed fitting.


d. pinciak said...

I think thats pretty cool that u are in to photography. I am also a person that enjoys taking natural pictures. Unfortunatly I havent been to a place where I can get great pictures. You have been to the Appalachian trail and I bet that made for some great pics.

Mr. B-G said...

Yes Derek. The Appalachian Trail did provide me with a number of great vistas that made for some visually enticing photographs. I will have to share some of them with you and your classmates.

That's cool that you're into photography. In my hometown of Westborough, MA, there is a reservoir surrounded by conservation land where my friends and I spent lots of time back in high school.

We'd wander the trails, relax by the water, and take pictures. A lot of the photos I took back then were in black and white, as my school had a photography class, and we were taught how to develop photos using a darkroom.

Today everything is digital, and Photoshop has become an electronic darkroom. Are you taking (or thinking of taking) any graphic arts classes? I think we also have a photography club here.

When you're a junior you'll also have an opportunity to take journalism, and put your photographic and writing skills to use.

d pinciak said...

I love the idea of journalism and deffinitely plan on taking it as a junior.