Sunday, February 25, 2007

A comment's worth

Below are two comments from Louann's Multiliteracies blog about the value of blog comments. I think without comments, a blog wouldn't be, by definition, a blog. Any comments?

Anna Marie Strzyz said...
Because I'm so new to blogging, I find exploring other blogs to be more fulfilling than working on my own. I've left a few comments along the way and enjoy engaging in this way. I don't want my blog to be a site that just tells/shows - I want a conversation. But, I know I need to provide a few more prompts for feedback and responses. I also wonder, with so many blogs out there, how much conversation can there be on one post?
February 21, 2007 3:12 PM

Mr. B-G said...
In response to Anna, I'm sure it depends on the quality of the conversation, and also on the number of comments a post initially receives. Sometimes when reading a blog post that's received numerous comments, there's a greater lure or desire to make a comment, as I suppose we think more people might hear us.

I guess if a posting moves you, make a comment, although I acknowledge it's not always that easy.

Blogging is a different form of communication. Imagine being able to read something, post a reaction, and then have the author of that post - or other readers - reply back to you! I don't think we've been taught to read and think this way, although as English teachers we try to teach our students to respond to and become engaged with literature.

This response and engagement means sharing reactions, thoughts, feelings, insights, favorite passages, themes, characters, plot developments, writing techniques, etc.

I suppose it's the blog medium, and the action of commenting, that's different.

In a literature circle, we discuss aloud with classmates after having read and written something. With a blog, we read, type, post, and then read. It's a silent (digital?) discussion. It's a medium change. The question is, what of this medium change? What are the implications? What new things can we achieve? What are the limitations?

I think each of us is finding this out as we go along. These comments allow us to communicate these and other insights, but perhaps more importantly, allow us to realize that we're blazing the same trail together, even if we aren't riding side by side.
February 24, 2007 5:50 PM

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