Monday, February 5, 2007

How to write a hyperlink

Last night I was reading The Cool Cat Teacher Blog and came across this image. It shows you how to manually create hypertext links.

I always wondered how people were able to include hyperlinks with their comment posts. I used to think I would be forever clueless. Now, like Siddhartha, I am enlightened! Thanks Cool Cat Teacher. Your name does not belie your nature.


Mr. B-G said...

I am attempting to create a hyperlink to my blog using Cool Cat Teacher's instructional image:

Mr. B-G's English Blog

Mr. B-G said...

Cool. It worked. I don't know if it's considered "kosher" to comment on one's own comment, but whatever. I'm on my way to html stardom!

Clint said...

Thanks so much for the posted lesson on creating a hyperlink. You helped me in an emergency! Cheers, Clint

Mr. B-G said...

You're welcome Clint. Glad it worked!