Sunday, January 24, 2010

21st Century Literacies

I enjoyed this short video about students using technology in their English class. While I have yet to incorporate Twitter into a lesson, it's something I'm open to trying. The National Council of Teachers of English has recommended that teachers begin working 21st century literacies into the classroom. The NCTE has also put together a policy brief for teachers and administrators about what 21st century literacies are, and what they look like in the classroom.

Here is one more video about using Twitter specifically in the classroom.


TheYeyeMan5000 said...

I wouldn't use Twitter for my own personal use, but, I can see it works for pedagogical purposes. In a laptop rich classroom I would totally use it.

Sharon Elin said...

Loved the video, but I'd also like to see specifics on how the lessons shown here actually incorporated twitter; i.e. What was being taught & assessed and what were the students required to do? Seeing more concrete examples that show how it's done will foster more acceptance by those who don't understand, as well as spawn new ideas by other innovative educators.