Saturday, January 19, 2008

The end of slideshows

I don't remember where I first learned of Animoto, a web-based program that allows you to upload photos and music to create a video animation, but I am excited about its potential for use in the classroom - as well as for fun with friends and family. I hope you enjoy the above images and tune.

The Africa pictures were taken in 1998 during a safari to Tanzania and Kenya. The shot of the boys playing catch in the ocean was snapped in St. John four years ago. I took the picture of the graveyard in my hometown back in the 90's, and developed it in my high school's darkroom. I would imagine that today, with the advent of digital developing, the darkroom no longer exists.

Despite the efficiency and affordability of computer-assisted photo processing, there's something I miss about using an enlarger to burn images onto slick white sheets of contact paper.

A few of the Africa shots in the animation were stylized using Adobe Photoshop. The tune is a jazz-inspired version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Click here for a soulful rendition by the late Eva Cassidy on YouTube.


Rebecca said...

Hey Mr. B-G,

Becky here from Animoto. Thanks for including us in your blog. The Africa pictures are absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to jet away from our New York offices and get hopping on a plane to go on a safari myself.

I'm sure off somewhere in some parallel universe, dark rooms still exist. Kind of like how my parents still have an A-Track in their basement and vinyl became cool once more.

Anyway, just wanted to say those pictures are way cool. If you have any suggestions for Animoto in terms of gearing something for educators (we're hopefully going to do something in this vain in the future), don't hesitate to write us at or post on our message board:

Take care,

Mr. B-G said...

Hi Becky,

Thanks for checking out my blog, and for your cool program. I will be in touch as the inspiration strikes for creative ways to use Animoto in the classroom.

Thanks, too, for the kind words about my pictures. They were taken with an Olympus OM-2. There's something about the quality of those old 35mm glass lenses that lead to good photography.

While I love the portable nature of my current camera (a Canon Powershot), I feel like it's been years since I snapped a really great photo. I think I miss manual focus and the ability to choose an F-stop.

Maybe at some point I'll pony up for a digital SLR camera.

In the meantime, I'll take a look at your message board.

Cheers, Peter B-G

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