Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Still alive

OK, so the title reeks of hyperbole, with perhaps a hint of sarcasm, but yes, after one full week of my return to the classroom, I still have my faculties intact, and am actually enjoying myself despite the chronic fatigue.

One of the conundrums I've recently discovered while keeping this blog is knowing my audience. There are teachers, students, parents, and administrators who peruse this site. Given this diversity, it is hard to be as informal as I might like, because I don't want to offend some of my readers or give the wrong impression.

In my experiences as a reader the most enjoyable writing I find is unapologetic and pulls no punches. I love it when an author truly tells it like it is, or at least how he sees it. Honesty can be a powerful vehicle for voice. I hope I've found a voice for this blog that is professional yet laid-back, serious yet sarcastic.

I know it's still early, but I've really been impressed with my students. The freshmen are eager to learn, they ask good questions, are curious, and encourage a diversity of opinions. Sometimes I feel as if I'll have done a good job if I manage simply not to destroy their enthusiasm and naiveté. Sure they have a lot to learn, but there's also a lot they could unlearn.

My senior class so far been a nice mix of reluctant and eager students. Right now they're blending well and it's nice to see. I had a few of these kids sophomore year, and they have really mellowed and matured.

In my elective, journalism, there are a number of strong writers who fancy themselves future members of the fourth estate. Their curiosity and dedication is admirable. I have new ideas and plans I will be implementing this year that I will blog about later. Suffice to say I am excited about the course's potential and what the students will create.

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