Sunday, January 8, 2012

Using Creative Commons Images from Flickr

I recently began using the screen capture program Screencast-O-Matic to create video tutorials for my students. Below is one I made about using Creative Commons images from Flickr. Enjoy!


Natsume Soseki said...

Mr. B-G,

I am a college student working toward an English degree and hope to become a high school English teacher someday.

However, I'm worried that I'm not doing enough to prepare myself for my future position. Are there any suggestions you can give that will steer me in the right direction?

Mr. B-G said...


It's hard to offer advice without knowing anything about your particular program or situation. In general, the more classrooms you can get into, and the more teachers you can talk with, the better prepared you'll be.

Prior to this job, I was a newspaper reporter. I was responsible for writing two stories a day. That was hard and demanding work, but teaching proved to be even more demanding, both in terms of time and emotional energy. But it's also extremely rewarding, and often fun.

See as much as you can. Talk and learn from those have done it for a while. We need good teachers in this country, so if you have the interest, go all in and give it your best shot.

Best of luck.