Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

Thank you Andy Samberg. This gets funnier each time I watch it. (And I've watched it a lot.)

Say hi to your mother for me.


T said...

Hey Mr. B-G! That talking to the animals video really cracked me up, too! Especially the expression on the goat's face. Hope your school year is going well...T-Dawg

Mr. B-G said...

Hey T-Dawg. Things are going well here. Busy, but well. On Tuesday I'm giving a presentation to our faculty on ways to encourage revision in writing.

Since last year, SHHS has been focused on writing across the curriculum and using writing in all the disciplines to help students learn content and become better writers.

Yeah, Samberg's Wahlberg is classic. I love the way he glares at the camera. Wahlberg came on SNL a few weeks after that spoof and spoofed the spoof. It was quite funny.

Hope your year is going well too. Enjoy the shortened week.