Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Oedipus inspired poem

I asked my seniors to follow these instructions and write a poem about how Oedipus must be feeling after everything he's been through. I too completed the assignment. The results are as follows...

Damn son I’ve been living a lie
I feel like
I wanna break down and die.
Slept with my mother
Made her my lover
Now I gotta go and
stab out my eyes.

Cursed I was, from my very birth
Taken away, met for a hearse
Shepard found me, brought me in
Gave me
life once again.

Yeah I solved
That riddle of the Sphinx
Whoda thunk, it was all just a jinx?

Doomed to rule, my own birthland
Cursed by gods with a foul plan
Don’t know what I did
To deserve this fate
It turns out
I’m the one that I hate.

There’s no happy ending, to this tale
Nothing I can do, to avail
The deeds that I’ve done
Shoulda been a nun
But that ain’t my story,
Real life is gory
And now my face looks
Like chicken cacciatore.


Jessica R -9c said...

I loved this!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. B-G said...

Thanks! I had fun writing it.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled over some Oedipus poetry, and this was such an awesome work! I enjoyed reading them, and seeing the thoughts that made this.

Mr. B-G said...

Thank you anonymous. It's perhaps more like a freestyle rap than a poem, but I suppose some rap can be considered poetry and vice-versa.

I tried to loosely sum up the play in a poem that had attitude and bordered on the ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

i had to do a presentation on oedipus in lit class (i'm an 8th grader in jamaica)this helped a lot.

Mr. B-G said...

Glad it could help you out!