Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poetry comment instructions

On your respective class blogs are original poems written by you and your classmates. I would like you to offer feedback in the form of blog post comments.

Three comments that satisfy the criteria = a "check," six comments = a "check plus."
Please bring a printed copy of your comments to class on Monday, April 23rd.

Your comments should respond to each of the following:

- What do you think about after reading the poem? Are you envisioning anything in your head? What do you see in your mind's eye?

- What was something that this poem did effectively? Does it contain effective metaphors, allusions, imagery, alliteration, rhyme, or some other poetic or literary device?

- How do you feel after having read this poem? Are you warm and happy? Shocked? Contemplative? Sad and forlorn? Hopeful? What was it about the poem that made you feel this way?

- Does this poem remind you of anything else you've read? Are any of its themes or ideas similar to another poem or work of literature you've encountered over the course of your academic career?

Your classmates and I thank you for your valuable and insightful feedback!


Lara said...

are non-students who happen to be english teachers and lovers of poetry allowed to give comments? i promise i'm very supportive and respectful of all poets! if you don't want outside comments, though, i can totally understand that.

Lara said...

just to clarify, i mean only positive comments. english teacher or not, i would never critique or edit someone's work uninvited, especially someone else's students. :-P

Mr. B-G said...

Of course! Feel free to leave comments. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Mr. B-G

Mr. B-G said...

The poems will all be up by tomorrow.