Friday, March 30, 2007

Maple deliciousness

Today I received a small jar of maple syrup from two of my students. While this may not seem like a particularly noteworthy event, it was because the students had tapped, boiled, and bottled the syrup themselves.
Why was I a recipient? Well, the students had actually gathered the sweet, edible, goodness for a biology project, and used one of my class periods to teach a lesson to other biology students about the science of syrup gathering.

It came from our school's own maple trees, and is fabulous. It has a rich, textured sweetness with a complex finish that hints of honey and nuts. I cannot wait to pour it over pancakes or French toast tomorrow morning for breakfast.


jack m said...

haha, I just read this.
Thanks for the shout out Mr.Bg, it means a lot, looking back I can't believe a bunch of joe shmoes like us actually worked out a project like this.

Again, thanks for the class time for this, without the teachers' generosity we'd be no where.

Glad you enjoyed it too, you really pinpointed the taste in those words.

J. Macko said...

When Jack told me about your blog about maple syrup I didn't beleive it.
I apreciate what you said about this. I still cant believe that we pulled this off.

Your words couldnt of done a better job describing it.

Mr. B-G said...

I just feel fortunate to have been a syrup recipient.

I think it's great when teachers create tangible, meaningful assignments for their students. The fact that you were able to eat it made it even cooler.

I'd actually be interested in learning about the process, as I told my parents about your project, and they wanted to know how they could tap some of the maple trees in their backyard.

Amy said...

OMG--how luck you are to have authentic maple syrup. Here in the midwest, that's hard to find. And, if you do find it, it can be pricey. How neat your students did that! :-D